Boarding and Grooming

Boarding Your Pet

Boarding and GroomingWhy rely on a friend or untrained pet sitter to keep your pets while you go on vacation or travel for business? Town & Country Animal Hospital has one of the most comfortable and extensive dog and cat boarding facilities in South Florida, which is available only to our clients' pets. Our boarding facility is climate controlled air conditioning and heating with stainless steel kennels, double-decker cat condominiums, and runs suitable for large dogs that can be doubled in size when necessary.

While your dog is outside stretching his or her legs, we sanitize their spaces and provide them with fresh food-Purina EN dry food-water, treats, bedding, litter (for cats), and toys. We also welcome any special instructions from our clients, such as for feeding or administering medications.

Our boarding staff understands the anxieties many owners feel when boarding a pet, many of us are pet owners too! This is why we work closely with each guest to become familiar with their habits and temperament.

We also provide additional amenities to maintain a level of comfort that feels like home. As an extra precaution, we never commingle pets, even if they are from the same family, in order to avoid confrontations.

Since our boarding kennels can fill up quite quickly, we recommend contacting us for a reservation in advance of your trip.

Boarding Outside Boarding Inside

Grooming Your Pet

Boarding and GroomingBathing and grooming is the best way to become familiar with your pets skin, coat and overall body condition. Town & Country Animal Hospital's highly trained groomers and bathers can detect skin conditions and physical abnormalities that in other circumstances would easily be missed and bring them to the attention of your veterinarian immediately.

All of our groomers are members of the American Groomers Association. They are also knowledgeable in the grooming of approximately 128 breeds, ranging from Irish Terriers to Poodles and even Komondors and Sheep Dogs.

We use only the best and safest shampoos and conditioners in our modern bathing facility. We also offer only the highest standards of spa services designed to be relaxing yet therapeutic. A full day at the spa includes a full bubbly massage bath, pet manicure and pedicure, complete blow dry, full body brush out, gland expression, pet fragrance (optional), grooms and sanitary haircuts upon request.

Boarding and Grooming services are only available to patients of Town and Country Animal Hospital.