Financial Policy

Financial PolicyAs a responsible pet owner you always manage to give your pets the medical care they deserve, but sometimes due to unexpected circumstances you are sometimes faced with medical expenses that are not within your budget.

At Town & Country we believe that quality health care for your pets should not be compromised due to cost. We have developed comprehensive payment options and wellness plans that help you, the responsible pet owner, spread out the costs of your pet's unexpected medical care.

Our payment options are available for emergencies, surgeries, dental surgeries, advanced diagnostic services and follow up care and unexpected urgent care.

  • The payment options are interest free for all pre-arranged and approved medical emergency care and procedures. New clients may be required to make a deposit before services are performed.

Payment options are not offered for routine medical care such as annual vaccinations, spays, neuters, feline de-claws and such. Please refer to our wellness plans for additional information on how these plans might be a better option for routine care.

For additional information and to discuss what procedures qualify for payment options, please contact our office and ask for Cathy or Kris.