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Hospital Management

Cathy Bain-ZapataHospital Administrator Cathy Bain-Zapata was born in Colombia and moved to Miami at the age of 10. She always had a penchant for management so it was only natural that she attended college to major in Business Administration. She began her professional career in immigration law and later worked as an Immigration Interpreter in Miami. She stumbled upon the veterinary field through a friend who thought she could offer her professionalism and business management skills at Town & Country Animal Hospital. Despite her fear of cats, she joined the hospital in 2003 and has found it to be her most rewarding career move. "The ability to work with our caring clients in improving their pets' lives is an amazing feeling" Cathy says. She is a member of the Humane Society and the ASPCA, and her animal companions include dogs Dixie, Diesel, Emma, and Trina. Cathy spends her free time with her family and enjoys gardening, cooking and attending cultural events.

Kristina Fairless"Kris" Fairless was born in Miami but raised around the world since her father has been in the military all his life. She always had pets as a child and had a love for dogs and horses in particular. She knew she'd be a natural for this profession and decided to pursue the field when she joined Town & Country Animal Hospital in 1998. She began as a Doctor's Assistant but after many years of technical training, her wonderful personality and great client/patient care quickly promoted her to become the hospital's Client Services Manager. She likes working at the hospital because she loves establishing relationships with clients and has a great compassion for animals. She is an active member of the ASPCA and loves to volunteer whenever possible. On her free time she likes to be with her family and pets, which include 3 Chihuahuas and a Poodle. Kris also enjoys hiking, skiing and traveling.

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Customer Service

Karina Montes de OcaKarina Montes de Oca was born and raised in Miami and has always found it rewarding to help animals in need because she's been an animal lover all her life. A current client of the hospital referred Karina because she thought that her sweet and courteous personality would be a perfect match for the hospital. Rightly so, and in early 2009 Karina joined Town & Country Animal Hospital as a Receptionist. Always fostering, she has consequently ended up owning 4 dogs and a parrot and is an active member of the ASPCA. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, sewing, going to the movies and playing sports with friends but most of all, helping animals in need.

Jessie MendezJessica "Jessie" Leanne Mendez was born and raised in Homestead, FL. She has been working at Town and Country Animal Hospital since February 2015 as a Customer Service Representative but has been in the veterinary field for the past four years. Jessie has always had a love for animals and knew the veterinary field is where she belonged. Jessie says "Town and Country Animal Hospital has become a big part of my life and I take so much pride in what I do. I look forward to greeting all our patients/clients and learning from the incredible staff." She has an English bulldog named Leia, Abby a Golden Retriever, Dixie-Anne a jack Russell Terrier and a cat named Goose. On her free time, Jessie enjoys spending time with family and friends, having a glass of wine and working on home improvements.

Paola LealBorn and raised in Miami, Paola Leal is a student at Florida International University, soon to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science/Psychology. She hopes to pursue a career in the veterinary field and is grateful for the experience and knowledge she consistently gains at Town & Country Animal Hospital —where she has worked since May of 2013. She is a member of the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and actively works with Paws4you Rescue. Additionally, she worked as a supervisor for two years at a boarding facility in Miami while fostering animals. As for her own pets, she has 9-month-old Jessie, a Labrador mix whom she loves to accompany to the dog park. She also enjoys volunteering for rescues, decorating, and spending time with friends and family.

Paola LealLusianna Pastor was born in Peru and moved to Miami when she was seven years old. She has been working in the animal field since 2001, and has enjoyed it ever since. She has a passion for dancing and animals, and has a very big heart for the both of them. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has 4 furry companions, a Chihuahua mix that goes by the name of Rooney, and 3 cats: Tiger Lilly, Caramel and Valentina.

“If I can help a pet in any way, I will. Rescuing animals is something I enjoy doing, I try to save as much as I can. I've loved animals; they have been a huge part of my life ever since I was a little girl. I treat every animal that passes our doors like it was my own. This is why I love working here, the various animals that walk through our doors and the loving owners that care for them deeply.” -Lusianna

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Veterinary Nurses

Jeanette DenizJeanette Deniz is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. After college, she decided to move to Miami. She has always had a passion for animals and feels tremendous joy in helping to heal animals in need. She began working in the veterinary field in 2006 and joined Town & Country Animal Hospital in 2009. She is the proud owner of three Chihuahuas, Coco, Kuki & Lilly and three cats named Misha, Oscar & Buffy. She spends her free time reading, playing piano and listening to music.

Katie EmamiKatie Emami was born and raised in Miami. She joined the hospital in 2005 as an Animal Caretaker after graduating high school and has always loved animals. She calls Town & Country Animal Hospital her second home and loves that she and the other staff members are able to treat patients while learning, teaching and having a good time. Katie is considered to be one of the "sweetest people around" by her fellow co-workers and is loved by clients and their pets alike. After training for three years, she was promoted to Technician and began assisting the Doctors with the treatment of patients. When not working, Katie enjoys playing basketball, going to the movies and the beach and listening to music. She also loves to spend time with her two American Bulldogs, Vanilla and King.

Lou ForeroLudwing "Lou" Forero has been in the Veterinary field for the past 6 years and is currently pursuing an associate's degree in veterinary technology with Penn Foster. He joined the team at Town and Country Animal Hospital in October 2015.

"Town and Country Animal Hospital really makes my career that much more rewarding when I work alongside this compassionate team," says Lou.

Lou's "extended family" includes Bobby, a border collie; Sammy, a Lhasa Apso; Mimi, a Turkish angora; and Coco and Peter, cats. He enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family.

Kathy Perez

Kathy Perez (Bio coming soon)

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Veterinary Assistants

Brigette ChavesBrigette Chaves, Certified Veterinary Assistant, has worked at Town and Country Animal Hospital since June of 2015. She was born in Queens, NY and has been working in the animal care field since December of 2014. She is currently pursuing her veterinary technician certification. "I enjoy working at Town and Country Animal Hospital because I love absorbing the knowledge that the doctors share," says Brigette. "Having hands-on experience in a field I want to continue to grow in is not just a job for me. It's my dream and my passion." Brigette has a dog, Thor, and enjoys working out and relaxing with family and friends in her free time.

Joshua Puentes

Joshua Puentes (Bio coming soon)

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Boarding - Animal Caretakers

MeganMegan Lozano (Bio coming soon)

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RosieRosie Carranza is a groomer at Town and Country Animal Hospital. She joined our team in July 2014 and has been a certified groomer for ten years. "I love working with animals," says Rosie, "and I love the environment at Town and Country Animal Hospital."

Rosie has three dogs and three cats. In her free time, she often fosters cats and is involved in cat adoptions in the community. She also enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

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