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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Community steps up to help injured dog

CBS 4 News Came by Town and Country Animal Hospital to do a story on Robo, the deaf Catahoula that was hit by a car and had his leg crushed and his hip dislocated.



Click below to watch our story on CBS 4 News

robo vid pic

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — He’s still a little wobbly, but thanks to a community’s kindness, a dog named Robo is well on his way to recovery after being hit by a car.

Jeena Velasquez heard the accident March 5th at about 9:15 p.m. on Sunset Drive near 132nd Avenue.

“I heard the car’s brakes screeching and I saw it drove away.  I was wondering where the accident was and I heard a faint whimpering,” she said.

She picked up the badly injured Catahoula  off the street and rushed him to an emergency vet.

“They told me he had an open fracture which was bleeding that they actually bandaged up to stop the bleeding, then he had a dislocated hip on the other side,  and that he was going to need emergency surgery,” said Velasquez.

The dog had a tag that said his name is “Bobo” and he’s deaf. It also  had a phone number, but it was disconnected. Without surgery the dog would die, and without an owner there was no one to pay for surgery .

“I said to myself, ‘If this was my dog and I changed my phone number for whatever reason, I’m not going to want someone to just quit on my dog – that’s my angel- so I just did what I would’ve done for my dog and I just claimed responsibility for him without even worrying about the cost,” Velasquez explained.

The surgery cost nearly $3,400.  Valesquez’s friend Paola Leal stepped in to help. She set up a fundraising website with pictures of the injured pup, whom they renamed Robo, since metal pins now hold his shattered leg  together. The website worked.

“It was only three photos, but those three photos were enough to get everyone’s attention and within not even 24 hours we had multiple donations more than $1,000,” said Leal.  After  two and a half weeks, the donations reached more than $3,000.

Town and Country Animal Hospital, where Poala works, offered to care for Robo while he heals.

“She came to us with the dog and he needed a lot of aftercare so we volunteered to take care of it for her,” said veterinarian Dr. Eric Wenke.

Robo is making progress, but the search for his owner hasn’t gone so well, even though he had a microchip.

“When they tried contacting the owner to let them know your pet was found they declined any information,” said Leal.

“We do want to find a home for him. I would love to adopt him myself but that’s just not possible, so we’re just going to look for a home for him,” added Velasquez.

Before Robo can go home, he’ll spend another month in the hospital and he’ll need more surgery to repair his dislocated hip. That surgery will cost about $2,000.


Thank you CBS 4 for sharing Robo’s story with everyone! Robo has a long road to recovery and will require another surgery, he needs all the help he can get!
We can’t say enough how much we appreciate our amazing employees who show so much compassion for an animal in need, Thank You Paola Leal, and everyone involved in Robo’s rescue and  progress!

If you would like to donate to Robo’s surgery please visit this link:

The most loyal dog

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Loyal Dog, Capitán, Sits By Owner’s Grave For Six Years


One loyal dog hasn’t moved from his master’s side for the last six years — refusing to let even death part them.

German shepherd, Capitán, ran away from home after his owner and best friend, Manuel Guzman, died in 2006. A week later Guzman’s family, who live in Cordoba, Argentina, found the heartbroken dog grieving at the gravesite, reported Dog Heirs.

“We had never taken him to the cemetery so it is a mystery how he managed to find the place,” Veronica Guzman, Manuel’s widow, told the Sun.


Every Sunday, for the past six years, the Guzman family has gone to the cemetery to visit both Manuel and Capitán. Although the dog often leaves the cemetery to spend a short period of time with his family, he always returns to the gravesite before dark.

“I don’t think he wanted to leave Manuel on his own at night,” Veronica told the Sun.

Cemetery director, Hector Baccega, said that staff at the cemetery in central Argentina are now feeding and taking care of the dog.

“During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave. And every day, at six o’clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night,” Baccega told La Voz.

Although the Guzman family would like to take Capitán home with them, they understand the dog’s immense loyalty to his best friend.



ADOPT a new loving furry family member this Holiday Season!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

The Holiday Season is upon us, the number one gift on most Holiday wish lists for children are a new puppy or kitten to love. This year consider giving the greatest gift of all by adopting a homeless shelter pet. Throughout the entire month of December, Miami Dade Animal Services, as well as The Humane Society of Greater Miami, will be offering reduced adoption fees. More information can be found on the flyer below. Remember: Connect. Adopt. Love.


The Journals of Bob, the adopted cat.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Bob was a stray cat that ended up at Town & Country Animal Hospital over a year ago. Bob was loved by everyone here and we vowed to find him the perfect home. He was adopted a few months ago, but unfortunately it did not work out. A wonderful long time client of Town & Country Animal Hospital had a cat that recently passed away. She decided it was time to welcome a new cat into her family, so when she met Bob, it was fate. Bob is so lucky to have met her because as you can see by the journal she has written below, he has finally found the perfect home.

Here is a story of Bob and his new Mom’s first few days together:




I would like to introduce you to Bob.


The Lord has blessed. I am a new mom. Meet Bob. He is about 1 1/2 yrs old. Thank you Town & Country Animal Hospital, for introducing me to my new pet.

Bob has had a rough young life and does not know how to accept his freedom yet. His fear of companionship is greater than his need to know his new companion. Sometimes our life can place us in the same position. Our fear of tackling what we consider the unknown is greater than our need to walk in blind faith with Christ. Bob will eventually come to realize his dependency upon me. In like manner, we will come to realize our total dependency upon Christ, our Lord & Savior who will lead, guide, and direct our footsteps.





Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:22 PM

Nov 11

This is my new baby. He is approximately 1 1/2 yrs old. He was born without a tail/bobbed tail. I guess that his name came about because of his bobbed tail.

I visited the vet’s office to thank one of their techs, Chris, for her prayers and for keeping tabs on me after Precious’ death and during my treatments. She showed me the cats that needed a home and I automatically felt my heart strings tugged on by Bob. The last parent had to give him up because her cats would not accept him. I do not know what happened with his first parent, but Chris knew him from a kitten. I did not know, when I said yes, that they were getting ready to send him to the Humane Society for euthanization because of space and he had been living in a cage there for almost a year. The staff is very attached to him and when they found out that I was taking him they cheered, clapped, and smiled.

There was no charge for the adoption. Chris provided me with everything that I needed to start off with (I got rid of most of Precious’ stuff). She also stated that they will take care of Bob’s shots and food needs for this next year. However, it was stated clearly that if Bob does not work out I should bring him back to them.

So far so good. He is warming up to me. Bob Loves his scratch post (not d-clawed). I will not be bringing him to Port Charlotte until I have socialized him and leash trained him. My friend Joanne said that she will take care of him while I am there.

I am excited. I will let you know how things progress.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABob has left the building!?

Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 8:48 PM

Tue, 8:48 PM

Oh no! I had been looking for him all day . It was impossible for him not to be found in my small house. This morning I took him out of my bedroom, closed all doors; closets, master bedroom, guest bedroom and guest bathroom. There was, simply, no place for him to hide. GEEZ! I told friends that the last place that I saw him was in the kitchen. Where could he have gone?


I looked and I looked. I called and I called…Did not hear a meow out of him.

Then….tonight….I remembered. I was watching TV when I remembered that there is a hole, at floor level, underneath the kitchen counter between the dishwasher and the cabinetry (not really visible unless you purposefully look for it). I picked up my flash light and found the block that was used to close the hole. It was laying down on its side blocking my view from seeing anything else under there. After moving the block….there he was/is laying against the back wall. After he decides to come out of hiding I will have to figure out how to fix the block so that he cannot venture into the ‘cat cave’ again.

I am happy now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASat, Nov 16, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Sat, 11:48 AM

Bob – Continuing Saga

This past Thursday Will closed the space where Bob was hiding. As soon as Will started the task, by moving the dishwasher, Bob ran out and disappeared again. I thought that maybe Bob had been closed up in the space. Will assured me that Bob was not in there.

Friday morning, there was very little evidence of Bob’s roaming. Previous nights, after I went to bed he would be the ghost cat. I would hear him pawing at his litter box and in the morning I could see that he had eaten. This was not true for Thursday night/Friday morning. I had to get reassurance from Will that Bob was not closed in to the space under the cabinetry.

I talk to Bob throughout the day, but Friday I could not recall his name so I laughed as I went through the names of previous pets; Precious, Bruce, and somewhere down the line Bob’s name popped up. He knew who I was talking to.

Friday night, I was in my bedroom watching TV and all of a sudden I heard a raucous. I asked Bob “Bob, what are you doing?” Of course he did not respond, but kept up the noise. I could not see him and did not want to turn on lights or make quick moves for fear that he would go back into hiding. The only thing that I could contribute the noise to was Bob playing with his litter box or he had found something to claw at. The noise lasted, off and on, for about thirty minutes.  I figured that I would find something shredded when I got up in the morning.

This morning, my mind was on the damage I would find from Bob’s escapade. I looked around my bedroom and in my closet, but did not find anything. Bob used the litter box…okay. Then I went into the living room. Oh my! He had fun with my artificial ficus tree. His toys were gathered in the middle of the floor and are now scattered abroad. There was a cat toy on the top of the scratching post, which was been pulled out. Oh! He did eat…just about all of his food. My guess is that he got hungry after all of that romping.

I am excited because he came out of hiding while I was still up and the TV was on and he did not go back into hiding when I talked to him. I do not know where his new hiding place is. Oh how hilarious. I am enjoying this.

Patient? I was not in the beginning. Patience is an ongoing lesson for me. Bob is this lesson’s teaching tool. Maybe in another week I can report that he came out and let me pet him.



Subject Tuesday, November 19, 2013 11:05 AM:

You are all invited to Bob’s Coming Out Party…well, not yet.

Sunday night, I figured out where Bob is hiding. I had searched my bedroom for him, including under the bed (pulling out the storage items) and did not find him). I do not see how it is possible, but he is hiding under my bed. He must have made a cat cave out of my box spring (?). Bob came out of the room, Sunday night, while I was on my computer. I was able to chat with him without him running back to his hiding place. He walked around a while and scampered when I got up from my computer and went into the kitchen. He joined me in the kitchen where I fed him and disappeared when I turned on the sink disposal. I was beginning to think that he was really a ghost or a figment of my imagination.

Monday night, I decided not to place food in his dish until morning.

Tuesday morning, I heard Bob playing. He came back into the bedroom and meowed me. I asked him “do you want to eat?” When I came out of the room Bob led me to his food dish and stood by while I filled it. When I moved he moved back to the kitchen entrance. I said to him “come eat” and waved my hand towards his food. He walked over to his dish and ate after which he watched me from a distance.

I walked into the living room, sat on the floor, and began playing with his toys. Bob watched (as if to say, “I want to play too) as I tossed them around. Then I remembered that I had a laser light (for cats) that he could play with. He had a funtastic time playing with the light. It tired me out watching him flip, jump, and run trying to catch it. After I turned it off he would continue to look for it until I turned it back on.

I retrieved his treats and tried to get him to take them from my hand. He would not, but he did come closer to me. Bob allowed me to pet him, a little.

Bob is back in hiding now.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Bob’s Great Adventures.


Officer Responds To Call About Vicious Dog.. And Adopts Lovable Pit Bull Instead

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Pitbull adopted video image


In May 2012, a Baltimore police officer named Dan Waskeiwicz received a call about a vicious canine.

But when he arrived, he instead found a sad, shy pit bull with his tail between his legs. In a letter about the incident to the Modified K-9 Blog, Waskeiwicz wrote that people had also been yelling out their windows at the dog and even throwing bottles.

But Waskeiwicz knew the pit bull wasn’t dangerous — just misunderstood. The officer got out of his car, called the dog over, and gave him some water. Then, instead of calling the pound, he took the scared dog in his patrol car and later adopted him. The supposedly vicious pit bull — now called Bo — was warmly welcomed into Waskeiwicz’ home with two other dogs.

This week, more than a year after the rescue, Waskeiwicz shared his story with Rachel Ray on her morning show.

Bo has been happy, healthy and not at all vicious. He even has an adorable best friend — Waskeiwicz’ girlfriend’s new corgi. Waskeiwicz describes them as “the little odd couple,” and video shows the two dogs joyfully trotting around together.

All Bo really needed, it seems, was the right owner.

“I was actually looking for a dog,” Waskeiwicz says on the show, “and it just turned out great that he found me.”

 pit bull adopted

SOURCE: Huffington Post

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

Monday, October 21st, 2013


In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, we have linked a documentary about the horrible consequences of the discrimination placed towards the breed across the country. “Beyond the Myth” will be available to watch for free all month long.


Beyond the Myth: A Film About Breed Discrimination

“Unfairly known as violent killers, Pit Bulls have suffered from the stigma of negative media coverage that has lead to city-wide bans across the country. This breed-specific legislation has torn pets away from families, and killed thousands of innocent dogs in cities like Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

The film investigates the myths associated with these breeds, challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, and presents eye-opening research regarding the media’s role in influencing people’s opinion on dog attacks.

Stripping away the preconceptions to show the loving companions they can be, Beyond the Myth is an important, must see film for all dog lovers.” –



The Pet Lemon Law

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013




What is the Pet Lemon Law?

When you purchase a dog or cat in the State of Florida, you are protected under Florida Statues 828.29, the Pet Lemon Law. Whether you buy from a Private Seller or a Pet Dealer, you have certain rights.

Know the Rules

There are two kinds of sellers: Private and Pet Dealer. A “Pet Dealer” is defined as anyone who engages in the sale of more than two litters per year or more than 20 animal per year – whichever is greater. Regardless of whether you purchase from a private person or a pet dealer, at the time of purchase:

-The dog must be at least eight weeks of age

-The dog must be given a completed copy of the Official Certification of Veterinary Inspection. The Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection must have been signed by a licensed veterinarian no more than 30 days before your purchase.

-The dog or cat must have been vaccinated, de-wormed, and had certain tests prior to your purchase. These must have been administered by or under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian (NOT a private or pet dealer) no more than 21 days before your purchase if your dog or cat is under four months. If your pet is over four months, they must be administered no more than one year before your purchase.

Vaccines Required

For a dog: Rabies, if older than 3 months, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Round-worms, Canine Parvo, Hookworms, Bordetella. If the dog is over 6  months it must be tested for heartworms.

For a cat: Rabies if older than 3 months, Panleukopenia, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Roundworms, Calici Virus, Hookworms. All cats offered for sale must be tested for Feline Leukemia.

What Every Seller Must Do

Al sellers redardless of whether they are private or a “Pet Dealer” must:

-Retain accurate records of the Official Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for each animal sold for at least one year.

Know Your Rights

At the time of purchase, the “Pet Dealer” must provide a written or printed notice from the seller advising the buyers of their rights.

The notice shall read as following:

“It is the consumer’s right, pursuant to section 828.29, Florida Statutes, to receive a certificate of veterinary inspection with each dog or cat purchased from a pet dealer. Such certificates shall list all vaccines and de-worming medications administered to the animal and shall state that the animal has been examined by a Florida licensed veterinarian who certifies that, to the best of his knowledge, the animal was found to have been healthy at the time of the veterinary examination. In the event that the consumer purchases the animal and finds it to have been unfit for purchase as provided in section 828.29, Florida Statutes, the consumer must notify the pet dealer within two business days of the veterinarians determinations that the animal was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain, return, or exchange the animal, subject to the right of the dealer to have the animal examined by another veterinarian.”

If You Purchase Your Pet from a “Pet Dealer” You are Protected by Law

If within 14 days after you bought your pet from a “Pet Dealer” a licensed veterinarian of your choosing finds that your pet has a disease or internal or external parasites (excluding fleas or ticks). Or, If within a year after you bought your pet, a licensed veterinarian of your choosing finds that your pet has a congenital or hereditary disorder, and your veterinarian says your pet was unfit at the time of purchase. Or, If the “Pet Dealer” misrepresented the breed, sex, or health of your pet, then:

You Have the Right To:

-Return the animal and receive a refund of the purchase price, including the sales tax, and reimbursement for a reasonable veterinary costs:

1) Directly related to the veterinarian’s examination and certification that the dog or cat is unfit for purchase, and

2) Directly related to necessary emergency services and treatment undertaken to relieve suffering;

-Return the animal and receive an exchange dog or cat of the consumer’s choice of equivalent value, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary costs:

1) Directly related to the veterinarian’s examination and certification that the dog or cat is unfit for purchase, and

2) Directly related to necessary emergency services and treatment undertaken to relieve suffering or,

-Retain the animal and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary costs for necessary services and treatment related to the attempt to cure or curing of the dog or cat.

-Reimbursement for veterinary costs may not exceed the purchase price of the animal. The cost of veterinary services is reasonable if comparable to the cost of similar services rendered by other licensed veterinarians in proximity to the treating veterinarian and the services rendered are appropriate for the certification by the veterinarian.

An animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted AFTER the consumer takes possession.

If Efforts to Resolve a Problem Fail

If your efforts to resolve any problem with the “Pet Dealer” who sold you your dog or cat fail, you must:

-Keep records of all documents, i.e. your bill of sale, veterinary records, correspondance, etc.

-Notify the “Pet Dealer” within two business days of the examination by a veterinarian that the pet is unfit.

-Notify the “Pet Dealer” that the pet was unfit at time of purchase. This notofication must be a written statement for the examing veterinarian and must be received by the “Pet Dealer” within three days of the examination.

Other Avenues You May Want to Consider

-File a complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Consumer Services.

-Contact your local law enforcement agency and request that they file a sworn complaint on your behalf for violation of Florida Chapter 828.29


Source: The Florida Veterinary Medical Association

For a thorough list of the Pet Lemon Law visit:


Project: Pet Slim Down

Friday, June 21st, 2013


Weight loss can be easier with a buddy, and if you’re a pet owner, you’ve got the perfect buddy already. Together, you can help each other reach a healthy weight with healthy diets and shared physical activity.

Jenny Craig and Purina have teamed up to get you both started, with a free Jenny trial offer for new clients, and a Purina Veterinary Diets® rebate.

1-Register for the Power of Two Program

Fill out the form here to register and then create a Project: Pet Slim Profile to get started on your weight loss journey.

2-Claim your Purina rebate

Visit a veterinarian to determine a diet and exercise plan for your pet, purchase Purina Veterinary Diets ® OM Overweight Management® food, and get a $15 rebate. We honor this rebate in our clinic!

3-Choose your free program from Jenny Craig

A weight loss consultant at Jenny will get you started with a plan of your own. Get up to 90 days free.*

*Plus the cost of food. Plus the cost of shipping, if applicable. Initiation fee waived for first 90 days. No cash value. New clients only. Not valid with any other program offers or discounts. Restrictions apply.

For questions call 1-800-879-1266

Dogs and Heartworms

Friday, June 7th, 2013



Mosquito season is starting so it is time to talk about heartworms. Canine heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) are spread by larvae in the saliva of mosquitos. A mosquito takes a blood meal from an infected dog then spreads those larvae to the next dog it bites. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent all mosquito bites or to know which mosquito will be the one to infect your dog. That means we need to keep all dogs on preventatives year round in a humid, warm climate like it is here.

Let me explain a little bit more about the preventatives. There are several forms of preventatives: oral (Heartgard, Sentinel, Trifexis and others), topical (Revolution and Advantage) and injectable (Proheart 6 which has limited availability). These preventatives send a drug into the blood system which kills any larvae that the mosquitos have already injected. That means a preventative treats for last month’s mosquito bites, not against future bites. This is why it is so important to give the preventative every single month. Read the rest of this entry »

National Kids and Pets Day

Friday, April 26th, 2013

April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day. Here is a link to the history of the day as well as some pet and kid interaction resources Here

The Humane Society of Greater Miami is hosting a festival at their main location celebrating kids and their pets. See Here


Here is Dr Jill Child’s son with one of their dogs, Ginger.

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