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Our four legged, tail wagging, friends are many things to us. To some they could be a companion and to others family, but to a select few they are a life long friend that aides them in every day tasks. Service dogs are trained to aid an individual in a situation unique to each owner. While the owner may grow to love the animal it is a working dog and others should respect it as such.
Service Dogs are utilized in a various  ways, but are commonly know for assisting the handicapped. The most iconic handicap is blindness. The service dog is so advanced in training that it aides the owner in tasks an average dog would tilt there head in confusion, like notifying declines in the path, avoiding obstacles, and following advanced commands such as left and right while being able to render and alert if the command can’t be accomplished.
Services less recognized by the public are some of the more outstanding ones. One in particular is the service given by response dogs, while knowing the owners condition, the dog can correctly react when their owner has a change in heart rate or behavior that may be signaling complications that could be related to the owners diabetic status or showing signs of an oncoming seizure. Beyond notification the dog can fetch medication or a beverage to assist. If all else fails the dog is trained to seek medical attention for their owner, after doing so the dog comforts the owner by laying beside them till help arrives.
Remember when a service dog is with their owner they are working pets and they are taking care of their owner just as you would take care of your pets.


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