Gastrointestinal Foreign Body

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A 7-month old American Bulldog mix was referred to us at Town and Country Animal Hospital for a 3 week history of vomiting and pancreatitis. Amazingly, the pet was not having diarrhea but was continuing to vomit, even while on medication. The owners had spent long nights force feeding the pet I/D (a gastrointestinal food prescription) and attempting to give water so there would be no dehydration. When admitted, a foreign body gas pattern was seen with the abdominal radiographs, and an intestinal foreign body was strongly suspected. The puppy was taken to surgery and the foreign body was found within the small intestine adjacent to the pancreas. To all of our amazement it was a dish towel (yes the type of dish towel that we all leave in our kitchens) and string attachments were found imbedded in the intestine. 18 inches of the small intestine had to be removed and a surgical procedure of the reconnection between 2 formerly distant portions of the intestine had to be done, but we were not done yet. An incision was performed in the stomach to remove the rest of the towel and then the abdomen was closed. The puppy took a while to recover fully due to the length of his illness and the concern of his pancreatic function. Today he is a normal healthy adult with no lingering issues.

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