Anal Glands

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Anal glands are a scent gland that sits just inside the anal opening in both cats and dogs. If functioning normally, they empty onto the feces as an animal defecates. In some animals, primarily small dogs, they do not empty properly and can become impacted and then abscessed.
When an anal gland abscesses, a small opening happens in the skin. The opening drains pus and anal gland secretions.
If a dog or cat is having frequent infections and impactions we recommend removal of the anal glands. Each gland and associated duct is removed from a small skin incision next to the anus. When this surgery is done by an experienced surgeon, such as Dr.Mordaunt, it is a fast and effective treatment to a long term problem. If you suspect your pet has anal gland problems please bring them in for us to assess them.

Anal gland diagram

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