Caudal Stomatitis

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Caudal Stomatitis

Caudal Stomatitis is an oral disease seen most commonly in cats. Most owners will notice bad breath, heavy drooling, and some cats have a decreased appetite. These cats will have redness and swelling at the back of the mouth, ulcers of the gums and breakdown of the back teeth.

Caudal Stomatitis is the body having an over-reaction to the tarter and enamel on the teeth. Steroids and antibiotics can sometimes decrease the disease but the only way to cure it is to remove all of the back teeth.

This is Adam. He is a 2 year old Ragdoll cat with caudal stomatitis. He had severe bleeding ulcers at the back of his mouth and had stopped eating. All of his premolars and molars were extracted and the gums were trimmed and cleaned thoroughly.

stomatitis 1








stomatitis 2








One month post-surgery he is significantly improved. We will continue to monitor him to see any medications are needed.

 stomatitis recheck

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