Bob’s Journals Continued…

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Oh! Geez! Here we goooooo…. Bob is still sick with the coughing, sneezing, snorting, and blowing snot everywhere. Too vivid? You should be here to see and hear it. I had to make a second trip to the vet because he had gotten worse. Again it was confirmed that he has Rhinitis, but now has asthma on top of that. Dr. Kesseru took a look at his nostrils and said (paraphrased), Yuck! There it is…It was a good sized buggar. It was Dr. Kesseru’s thought that it is the litter (which confirmed what I was thinking), so (after much research) I changed it to a litter that is made from wheat. Both me and Bob should benefit from the change.

Well, Bob has to be given, in liquid form, a steroid, and an antibiotic. I cannot express the joy that I had in knowing that I had to do this TO BOB on a daily basis. The battle is on. Again I have battle wounds…but I figured it out. A towel is my secret weapon, along with a harness and leash so that I could pull him out, from where he hides, and grasp him. I got the harness on Bob at the vet’s office. I remembered that the nurse had him wrapped in a towel when she brought Bob back to me after his exam, x-ray, and blood work. Voila! I wrapped him up so tight that the only thing he could do is scratch himself. OH….then there are his teeth  and getting him to open wide (HA!) while I insert the syringes filled with medication. Well, I won’t go into that.

What a fete! However, the battle went better today than it did yesterday.

I got more of the medicine in him today than in the previous days. And, oh! The vet stated that cats do not like the taste of the steroid medication. I checked it out and YUCK! I can understand why they do not like it. YUCKIE, YUCK! Both Bob and I will benefit from the change of litter type.

Bob ate all of his food last night. He had not, really, eaten since Monday. I was happy to see his bowl empty. He had even refused to eat his snacks. A co-worker at summer camp gave me treats to give him after our battles. Thank you Betty: from Bob.

I have several more days to go. Please be sure to contact me if any of my readers would like to take my place in giving Bob his medication. Nah! Bob and I are bonding. I am letting him know that I am the alpha feline in the house, I think.

In thinking about the Bob battles, from the time I started this writing, I think about the battles that we fight on a daily basis. We often need to be reminded who our Alpha and Omega is and that He has already won the battle for us. We fight the enemy tooth and nail and wear our battle wounds proudly when we should be displaying that we are victors over every circumstance in Christ despite ourselves and the obstacle courses that we go through. Though it may not seem so during the times that we are going through trials we are over-comers in Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord.

The children of Israel did not see a resolution to the problem that troops were at their heals to kill them. But God already had the solution planned. The Israelites crossed over the sea on dry land. Moses sang (Ex. 15:1-2 NIV) “I will sing to the Lord, for He is highly exalted. The Horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea. The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.” Are we licking our wounds in frustration of what the enemy has done or are we reflecting that a victorious God will bring us through because of the wounds that His son, Jesus, bore for us.

I am home from my afternoon shift at summer camp. Bob had been hiding from me since Monday. Guess what! Bob met me at the door. He walked into the kitchen and looked at me and his food dish. I got the hint. Bob quickly pounced on his bowl of food. He was a little skittish, but he is improving by the minute. Bob has been out and about since my arrival home (dragging his leash behind him) . I think that he senses that I won’t try anything at night, since I have been giving him his medication between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. It seems that every time we tussle he gets closer. Hmmmm.

Good night all.

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