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0 Comments Posted by tcahvet in Pet Information on Thursday, May 8th, 2014.

Last night I wiped my first full fledged snot from a cat. Wow! How exciting. Brought Bob to the vet, and of course I could not get him in his carrier, because he is on all paws spread attack, so I maneuvered Bob into his kennel. Bob loves his kennel, at least he did before I forced him into it to carry him to the vet. The kennel is a little awkward to carry, but manageable. While traveling to the vet, during the visit, and until we get home Bob hides under the pillow bed in his kennel. Bob does not realize that his tail-less butt is hanging out from under it. Oh, such a character. The vet said that Bob has rhinitis caused by something in the air. Bob is like a child running around with a snotty nose. He is congested and often tries to clear out his nose and throat, he wipes his nose with his paw, and sneezes (sometimes three times in a row). Other than that…Bob’s appetite is good and he is playing continually. No green stuff, thank goodness. Katie, Town & Country Animal Hospital, helped me out with the kennel. I mentioned to Katie how Bob liked his kennel and Katie responded with what I was thinking ‘Well maybe not after this visit’. When Bob and I arrived back home I placed the kennel in its corner and opened the door. Bob came out and ran to hide. However, to my surprise, a little while later I looked over at the kennel and there was Bob sleeping in it. Bob never ceases to amaze me. Whenever we have a tussle; i.e. brushing, putting him in a kennel or carrier, or telling him ‘no’ when he is doing something that I do not like, he seems to become even more attached and submissive. Well, he allowed me to pick him up by the scruff and wipe his nose with little fight. (Yes, I used a tissue.) Now, that is a mile stone! I will take a picture with him in his kennel when my reaction is fast enough to do so before Bob is aware of my presence. That… might… take… a… while….


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