Bob’s Journals Continued…

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The last time I tried to pick him up, to put him in a carrier, it was another big battle, so I have been laying low with Bob in order for him to become more comfortable with me. I need to get him to the point that he consistently allows me to pick him up so that I can place him in a crate or carrier to take him places. A friend gave me a crate and he lays in it, but I have not attempted to close the door when he is in it.

I finally got his escape route fixed (under the cabinets) so that he cannot get into his hiding place. I will see how long that lasts. However, he is not hiding near as much now. He is either on one of the window sills or laying by the glass doors. Often he runs from one sill to another chasing something….do not know what.

Bob allows me to brush his back line and sides, but not his chest & neck. He really sheds. He constantly demands to be pet and cuddles with me at night. Not for long, but the fact that he is makes me happy. One morning I noticed that he was cuddled against my chest.

He intently supervises his litter box cleaning. Bob lets me know when his food bowl is near empty. He still watches television and loves to play. I had to throw one of the feather toys away because he was eating the feathers once they detached (or they’d get stuck in his mouth). The long rainbow snake like toy, with a few feathers at the bottom, he enjoys immensely. It is nearing the time to replace it.

I am really enjoying Bob. It is just frustrating to know that I still have to be cautious of his mood swings (not as frequent). I have not been able to determine the timing of them. They just happen. Our relationship has improved greatly since first bringing him home. Now he comes out when company is here. He has an eye for the ladies. He still seems to be a little leery of male company.

I am always astounded at how he seems to understand what I am telling him to do. “Bedtime Bob. Let’s go to bed.” Bob heads to the bedroom. “Bob, come eat. I filled your bowl, now come eat.” Bob heads for the kitchen. He understands ‘come’ and ‘down’. I am working on ‘up’…as in come sit on my lap or up on the bed. He does understand that a pat on the bed means to jump up onto the bed. I do not think that he trusts me enough yet to jump up onto my lap. This and the ability to pick him up will probably come hand in hand.

I do not feel it safe to bring him to my parent’s home yet. In her house I would never find him and she has a lot of places to jump onto that have breakables. I may have mentioned that my step-dad has Alzheimer, which is advancing. He loved Precious and I know that he would love Bob. My mother is anxious to meet Bob, but I know that I will never hear the end of it after Bob knocks something off of any one of her tables.


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