The Adventures of Bob continued…

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Yes! I am back home with Bob(ette). I was away for three weeks and missed Bob immensley. Will and Joanne took great care of him for me. Joanne made sure to keep me advised of Bob’s attentive manner towards her. However, there was a streak of jealousy galloping around in my head . I was wondering if Bob would still know me when I got home.

 While I was away Will mentioned that tornado Bob was destroying the house. Will described what he saw and I explained that Bob is trying to expel his pent-up energy, and the fact that he is alone also contributes to why this is happening. Yes, I have thoughts of looking for a cat friendly yip, yip to keep him company, but I do not think that I want to give Bob a permanent co-conspirator at this time.  Fostering sounds a little interesting…but…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 When I arrived home Bob met me at the front door.  Yes! He remembered me. I inventoried the house and found paw prints on my counter tops, tables and stove (glass top). No breakage; mainly due to the fact that Will moved the breakables off of the tables out of Bob’s reach (and mine).

 I was relaxing in my chair and happened to look over at the dining table and there Bob was very comfortably laying on the edge of the dining table looking at me.  Zip  zip zip ….there he goes again.

 Now Bob will not jump up on things when I am looking. He is enticed to do so though, and I can see him fighting the temptation. He is a cat looking for height to view the world. In the meantime I am trying to remember how I stopped Precious from jumping up on my tables. Maybe it happened with maturity. Maybe he stopped because he satisfied his curiosity  . One day I will be able to invest in a cat tree, or two, with hopes that it will quench at least a portion of his need for height. I have come to the conclusion that I may as well turn my house over to Bob because with all of his toys and stuff there is little room left for me.

 Along with Bob’s physical abnormalities I think that he suffers from Schizophrenia with moments of paranoia. How is that for an evaluation of Bob’s mental state….   or is that mine? Hmmmm.

 Well, it is too quiet in the house. I must see what Bob has gotten into.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Oh! I am always looking for a way to make money.   I will let everyone know when I decide to hire Bob out as a paper shredder. He does a great job at the task.

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