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Breed in the Spotlight



The Kooikerhondje is a small, flashy red and white spaniel like-sporting dog. Originally bred in Holland as a duck decoy dog, it’s heavily white plumed tail waves Jauntily to entice and lure the ducks to follow into the Endenkooi (traps). When not working the traps, Kooikers were expected to work on the farm to catch vermin. The preferred height at the withers is 15 to 17 inches for males and 14 to 16 inches for females. The proportion of the Kooiker is off-square. The bone and substance of the Kooiker is moderate. The head should be in proportion to the dog. The expression is gentle and alert. Ears should be red in color and well feathered and ideally adorned with earrings. The color for the Kooiker should be predominately orange-red and may be patched or solid on pure white although a few small spors on the legs are acceptable. A black tail ring where the color changes from orange-red to white is permitted.


Cheerful, good natured, friendly, quiet, well-behaved, and alert; those are terms that are used to describe the Kooikerhondje. Depending on its domestic environment,[1]it is kind, happy and lively. They are also intelligent, attentive and more than willing to please their owner. The Kooikerhondje adapts to situations rather quickly, changing his behavior from quiet to lively when the situation allows him to be. He will not always immediately like strangers, instead choosing to retreat. But once he warms up to someone, the trust will be there for the rest of his life.[2] The Kooikerhondje can make a fine apartment dog if exercised regularly, but a fenced yard will be more ideal. He has a medium energy level, yet is usually quiet when indoors.

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