The Continuing Adventures of Bob

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  The Christmas tree was taken down on January 6th. I do not think that

Bob was very pleased with that. I did find a couple more bulbs on the

floor behind the tree. Even with Bob batting the ornaments off of the

tree and around the house there was only one broken and I did that.  The

artificial tree shed just as much as a real tree, so I decided to take

it to the dump. After all it was about twelve years old. Christmas 2014

will bring on new adventures for Bob because there will be a real tree

in the house.

I discovered that Bob does have a purrer. If there is a gear before drive and after

neutral that is what it is in. He was sitting on the bed with me and I had the TV

volume kind of low when I thought that I heard a familiar sound. I turned the TV off

and sat very still. YES! I could hear him purr.

Bob still watches television. I thought that he would get over it because my other

cat watched TV until he figured out that there was nothing coming out of the other

side of it during chase scenes. Bob just sits and observes. He does not attempt to

chase the cars or running people. His head just moves back and forth, not even

tilting his head. Bob also changes positions from directly in front of the TV to the

love seat (with his head on the arm) and to his scratch post. He really enjoys the

National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet, but he also watches movies and other

shows that I watch; i.e. both NCIS shows, Elementary and others.

            Bob came out to accept Will’s company. Will and I were ecstatic.

 I never know what to expect from Bob. This is scary because he reminds me of

myself. Yes, he came out for Will, but now he hides from him. For a while he

enjoyed being brushed; now he fights and runs from the brush. There were times that

he would allow me to pick him up and lay him on my lap for petting, now he runs

from that. I am not sure that Bob is a male, except for the visible hardware.

Bob loves and enjoys his playtime. He loves furry things and things with feathers,

but things with feathers do not stay feathery very long. He definitely gets his

exercise taking off like a jet plane running, jutting, jumping, zigging and zagging

through my little house over and under beds and every other obstacle in the way. One

thing that I have learned about his playtime is to let him rest before trying to pet


Bob gets away with quite a bit more than Precious did. I guess it is that second

child syndrome. I just ignore him and let him go for it. It is fun watching and

listening to him banging into stuff as he has his fun throwing his toys up in the

air to catch and chasing after imaginary things (at least I think they are

imaginary). I guess I have hopes that he will tire himself out and settle down. I

suppose that it will be another couple of years for that to happen.

Since before Christmas Bob has had occasional dry heaves. I started treating him for

fur balls. The mineral oil has improved his output (to put it nicely), but then he

started heaving again. For the first time he actually heaved up something, so I took

it in and the vet said that it looked like he had gotten hold of a palmetto bug.

So….I just need to keep an eye on him; which is tiring because the other eye gets

frustrated from doing all of the work of looking out for me. Bob will be visiting

the vet, shortly, for shots and at that time will inquire again about the heaving


Bob enjoys sitting on the window sills and looking out. My neighbor almost got a

peak of him, but she walked up too close to the window and he scampered away, so she

only got to see Bob’s hind parts. I laughed when I saw that because it made me think

of the Old Testament scripture in the book of Exodus 33:23 (King James Version): And

I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts; but my face shall not

be seen. Geez! I do not know why that came across my mind, but it still makes me


Bob ventured out onto the patio once. He took a few steps and scampered back into

the house. I have some minor screen repairing to do and a plant to remove before I

can allow him to venture out.

Well, Bob and I are still learning a lot about each other and will continue to do so

for some time. Actually, as I observe Bob I am learning a lot about myself.

Sometimes God shows his sense of humor in what or who he uses to reveal our

imperfections through. A CAT!? Wow! Well…if the Lord can speak through an ass to

Balaam (Numbers 22:28-30) He can use a cat to open my eyes and ears to what

I seem to not hear or see in His word.

Oh my! I was waiting to release this until after I could give you a report on Bob’s

vet visit. Wow! This morning Bob loved on me and wanted to be pet. He leaned against

me and rubbed my legs. I gave him treats and pet him but when Bob caught the hint

that I was going to pick him up the battle was on and I have the wounds to prove it.

I chased him and he ran trying to hide in visible sight from window sill to behind

the TV to behind and under the dinner table. This was the time that my house seemed

larger than what it is, even after closing all the doors. I was finally able to

catch him between the vertical blinds at the glass doors. The battle raged on. When

Bob saw that I was going to place him in the pet carrier….Geez! What a fight. Then,

ta da! I finally got him in the carrier and closed it. It seemed like an hour had

passed, but victory came within fifteen minutes. I think that when I walked in to

the vets office they were wondering which one of us was there for treatment. We will

definitely have to work on this, but there is plenty of time.

Do you recall what I said earlier in this writing “I am not sure that Bob is a male,

except for the hardware?” When I mentioned this statement and Bob’s mood swings to

Dr. Mordaunt he took a step back and came to the conclusion that with the mood

swings, past reported personality disposition, and other physical abnormalities that

Bob has, Bob is a hermaphrodite. Dr. Mordaunt stated that in his practice of forty

years he has only come across three dogs with this diagnosis. This is his first cat.

Oh how unique!

Bob was given a physical and shots and weighed in at a whopping nine pounds (which

is good). After arriving home I opened the carrier and Bob sauntered out like

nothing happened. He is out and about occasionally going into hiding, but I think

that he is just resting up from the events of the day.

We shall see what tomorrow holds. Right now I am glad that we got through today.

Happy meows to you until we chat again.

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