Blessing of the Animals

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We had a wonderful day Saturday the 2nd at Killian Pines United Methodist Church, at the Blessing of the Animals event. People brought their beloved pets in to be blessed by Pastor Emilio Chaviano and Rabbi Danny Marmorstein. They read a poem written by Ricki Dorn , to honor and Bless all Animals. Sarah, our Marketing Director, and Kris our Client Services Manager, attended the event and handed out all kinds of goodies to the cats and dogs that stopped by.






























































































Blessing of the Animals

By,Ricki Dorn

Dear God,

We ask your merciful blessing

For our devoted pets,

For us as their care-takers, and,

of course, for the vets.

First, our four-legged friends

Like horses, for their devotion,

For their shiny coats,

And speedy locomotion.

For cats and for dogs,

For kittens and for puppies,

For those who are water-bound—

Like goldfish and guppies.

For turtles and hamsters

And each furry bunny…

We give thanks for their loyalty

And antics so funny.

For our feathered birds, too

With their gossip-y chatter,

And their beautiful colors

Whose shades surely flatter.

For the serpent family,

Those long, flexible snakes

Who have such a bad rap…

—let’s give them a break.

For bugs like the ants who

Crash our picnics with glee,

The spiders who weave,

And the sociable bee.

For the pets in our homes

And the beasts in the wild—

Protect them, provide food,

Let them prosper and smile.

For all of Your critters,

The large and the small,

We ask Your Loving Kindness;

God, bless them one and all.


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Pat McClure | November 7, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Sorry to have missed this event.
Love the very inclusive poem by Ricki Dorn!

Jesus | December 30, 2015 at 5:16 am

Let s just call that an emotional fat fnegir. Yes that was my doing, my picture, my pup. It s been three months and I still miss him. Rescued him from a shelter and will do it again soon.Thanks Berry for posting. Love the pet photos.

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