Dentistry Case #9

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Abnormal Gumline Due To Periodontal Disease

We are going to talk a little bit about the importance of complete extraction today.  Many people believe that if a tooth falls out it is the end of the problems for that tooth.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  If a tooth falls out due to severe periodontal disease the diseased tissue is still present.  The abnormal inflammation and infection will continue to affect the neighboring tooth.  This dog lost four of the front incisors due to periodontal disease.  The healed edge of the gumline does not have a normal appearance and continues to ooze periodically. 

Normal Bone Surrounding Incisors

The abnormality is even more marked on the radiographs.  The normal shape of the bone holding the incisors is convex with the incisors jutting out past the canine teeth. 

Abnormal Bone Dissolution

On this patient the bone has recessed to become concave with the canine teeth being the most prominent.  This weakens the bone supporting the nose and can lead to long term infection and distortion of the shape of the face.  The only solution when we have this continual disease is to create a gum flap along the original gumline and remove all of the abnormal tissue, including soft tissue and bone.  Once the diseased tissue is removed the flap is closed with healthy tissue around the edges.  If enough bone is missing, a bone graft may be used to give the jaw added support.

Gumline After Closure

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