Dentistry Case #8

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Our next dental topic is gingival hyperplasia. Gingival hyperplasia is when the gingival next to the teeth overgrows with no other pathology. While small amounts of hyperplasia is acceptable it can interfere with the ability to bite and chew normally or provide a space for bacteria to colonize. Our example today is “Turbo”, a six-year-old boxer. Boxers and other related breeds are more prone to developing gingival hyperplasia.

Turbo- before left canine

Turbo- after left canine

Turbo- before right canine

Turbo- after right canine

Turbo- before lower premolars

Turbo- after lower premolars

In “Turbo’s” case we were not able to resect the extra gingiva for quite some time due to other medical problems. You can see how the overgrowth made it difficult for him to chew properly. The gingiva is resected down to a normal level and bleeding and pain are controlled. Once the gum is healed it has the same protective properties as the original, healthy gingiva. Occasionally a patient will need to have multiple resections in their lifetime as the gingiva regrows.

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