Dentistry Case #7

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Today we will talk about oral masses. Oral masses come in all sizes and sometimes affect how the animal eats but most often not. There is no correlation between how a mass looks and if it is malignant or not. We have pictures of two recent oral masses we removed. The first patient is “Thomas”, a 2-year-old Labrador retriever mix. The owners noticed the mass two weeks before and that it seemed to be growing rapidly. Frequently, radiographs (x-rays) will help us to determine if the mass involves the surrounding bone. If it does, more extensive surgery is needed. “Thomas’” mass did not involve the bone so it was removed and sent for biopsy. The biopsy showed it was a benign spot of chronic inflammation.

Thomas- oral mass

Thomas- radiograph

Thomas- after resection

The next patient is “Mia”, an 11-year-old Dachshund. She had the oral mass for the past year. It was slow growing during that period but had become large enough to affect her eating and other normal activities. Despite the large size, her mass also did not extend to bone. A extensive resection and reconstruction were done to give her normal appearance and function. Unfortunately, upon biopsy her mass was found to be a malignant melanoma. Due to her advanced age her owners elected not to pursue chemotherapy.

Mia- oral mass

Mia- radiographs

Mia- before reconstruction, top view

Mia- after reconstruction

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