Dentistry Case #6

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Malocclusion of Upper Incisors

Malocclusion Showing Gum Damage

Our next dental subject is malocclusion. A malocclusion is anytime the teeth do not sit properly in the mouth. Many dog breeds are bred to have a variety of malocclusions. While some of these do no harm most often they lead to an earlier progression of periodontal disease. At their worst they can cause damage to the adjacent teeth and gums, leading to infections and premature wear on the teeth. For malocclusions that affect the other teeth or gums we recommend a wide variety of treatments. These can include dental appliances, extractions and modifications of teeth (shortening). The age of the pet as well as the severity will determine which treatment works for that pet.
The case today is “Sophie”, a Chihuahua, who was seen for an underbite when she was 1 ½ years old. Her upper incisors where digging into the gums behind her lower incisors. For this type of malocclusion the treatment choices were vital pulpotomy to shorten the tooth length or extraction of the teeth. The owners elected to extract the teeth. She came in recently for her latest cleaning and she is doing very well with no further dental issues.

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