Dentistry Case #5

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Initial Root Canal Being Performed

2 Years After Root Canal

Our next dentistry subject is root canals. Many people have had root canals themselves but don’t realize that they are an option for pets. When the crown of a tooth has been broken in such a way that the pulp cavity (living inner portion of tooth) is exposed then there are limited options for that tooth. If it was a very recent injury a vital pulpotomy, where the top of the pulp cavity is capped, may work well. If the injury is a little older, but the bone structure around the tooth is good and there is no sign of infection at the tip of the root, a root canal is a great option. If there are any signs of infection at the tip of the root, extracting the tooth is the only option.
The dog in this case, “Gadget”, had an injury to a tooth that resulted in the pulp cavity being exposed. The bone structure still looked good and the injury was recent. Based on this he had a root canal performed on the injured premolar. This root canal was done over two years ago. His recent radiographs show just how well his root canal has held up. The bone structure still has a healthy appearance and the tooth is unchanged (no color change or fracture). When major bone structure is involved with a tooth a root canal can help to keep that normal bone structure and function of the tooth.

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