Dentistry Case #4

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Premolar with enamel loss

"Hole" due to enamel loss

After extraction

"Holes" due to enamel loss

After extraction

For our next case we are going to discuss tooth resorption.  Although this condition can affect both cats and dogs, it is far more common in cats.  It has been found to affect between 30-50% of cats (depending on the study).  It is a condition where the body replaces enamel with bone complex.  When this happens below the gumline the condition is not painful but does weaken the tooth and makes it prone to breakage.  When the lesion appears above the gumline sensitive nerves are exposed and the tooth is very painful.  The body attempts to fix the lesion by filling it with gum tissue.  The only current solution is extraction of the tooth.  Restorative therapies have been tried but have not been effective at stopping the resorption or decreasing the pain.  The first pictures are of “Snicket”, a cat with above the gumline tooth resorption.  You can see the gross lack of enamel.  The second set are “Lilah”, a pug with tooth resorption.  You can see the “holey” appearance of the premolars.

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