Dentistry Cases #2

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Today we are going to highlight dental caries lesions, also known as cavities.  They can occur in both dogs and cats but are more common in dogs.  They can be drilled and filled the same as is done in people if they are small.  If they become to large it is necessary to remove the tooth.  Here we have an example of each.

Cavity in left tooth

Cavity after filling

In the first case, “Sasha”, we have a small cavity in the left hand tooth which we were able to clean and fill. The tooth next to it had such severe periodontal disease that it was extracted.

Large cavity has dissolved left root

Large cavity

After extraction

In the second case, “Kimba”, the cavity had dissolved an entire root of the tooth and was no longer repairable. This cavity had been present for quite some time under a coat of heavy tartar.

Both of these cases had cavities that could have been prevented with regular dental care.

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