Dentistry Cases #1 Part 2

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For the second part of “Coco’s” treatment we will cover open root planing.  This procedure is used when a multi-rooted tooth has bone loss of >50% on one or more roots.  To effectively regrow new bone all of the abnormal tissue must be removed.  To do this we open up the gumline with a flap and clean out any soft tissue growing where the bone once was.  Any soft tissue left behind will cause the bone loss to continue.  Once the soft tissue is removed the tooth root is treated to pull out any particles that have become wedged in the microtubules.  Once the root is prepped we apply an artificial bone graft to the area.  This graft allows natural bone to regrow in the area and is the same strength as natural bone.  To help the healing of the gum as well as treat any starting infection we top the bone graft with antibiotic gel.  This antibiotic gel, Doxirobe, has unique properties of decreasing inflammation and helping the gum to readhere to the tooth.  Once the gel is applied we close the gum back over the area.  This is a great procedure to fix teeth that would otherwise have been lost.  The large tooth in the picture is a perfect candidate for this procedure once the tooth behind it has been removed.

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