Six Long-Lost Haitian Frog Species Found

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Photograph courtesy Robin Moore, iLCP

Scientists searching for long-lost frogs in Haiti’s forests came face to face with the critically endangered La Hotte glanded frog, which sees the world through unusual, sapphire-colored eyes.

The frog is among half a dozen newly rediscovered Haitian species, which had not been seen for nearly two decades and occur nowhere else in the world, found by researchers from Conservation International (CI) and IUCN’s Amphibian Specialist Group

“All we hear from Haiti is bad news and we wanted to highlight something unique that Haiti has and really should be proud of,” said Conservation International’s Robin Moore, an amphibian conservation specialist and co-leader of the expedition. “It really is a symbol of what there is left to fight for and protect in Haiti.”

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Published January 12, 2011

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